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How to Get Custom Orthotics Made

Get Custom Orthotics Made at Bymar Shoes

If your feet hurt all the time, you can get new custom orthotics made at Bymar Shoes in four to five weeks. Here’s what steps you’ll got through, how long it will take, and what you should bring to Bymar Shoes to your appointment.

“You can get custom made orthotics at Bymar Shoes,” owner Byron Ruiz said. “It’s a different way to approach the process of getting the custom orthotics made instead of buying prefabricated generic orthotics.”

#1 Set An Appointment

“You definitely need to set an appointment to get orthotics made by calling Bymar Shoes,” Byron said. “It takes between 30 to 45 minutes for an evaluation.

“We have to look at your shoes that will be worn, your foot, your prescription, and any other information you need to tell us.”

#2 Bring 2 or 3 Pairs of Shoes

Bring your favorite, most often worn shoes, 2 or 3 pairs with you to the orthotics appointment.

“At the time of evaluation, I ask clients to bring a couple of pairs of shoes so we can check your shoe fitting, your shoe work, and we can start from there.

“I’ll sit down with the customer and I will listen to any complaints that you have about your foot pain and problems. Then we put the pieces of the pain puzzle together to create the right orthotic for your foot pain needs.”

Every Orthotic is Customized to Your Foot

“Every orthotic is customized to your foot,” Byron said. “It could be a different type of orthotic that you need, maybe sports, or casual, or dress. Maybe one pair, maybe several pairs to fit into each kind of the shoes you wear the most.

“We’re not doctors. We don’t prescribe, and we don’t diagnose. If we think it’s necessary for you to see a doctor because of your foot pain, we will recommend you go and see a doctor. But the best way is to start by making an appointment.

“We’ll sit down with you and we go from there, from the beginning to the end. We guide you step by step, through the process.

“At the time of the delivery, we’ll give you a verbal and a written procedure to follow, once you get your orthotics so that you don’t have any problems. You can’t just start wearing them every day. You gradually wear them on a schedule so that your feet get used to the orthotics.

“Then, if you have any other questions besides the scheduling, you can call us any time.”

#3 Take an Impression of the Foot

“The first step after the evaluation is done is to take an impression of the customer’s feet,” Byron said. “The impression of your foot gets done right here in the shop. I’ll take your foot impression in a box with soft foam that fits exactly around your foot. It’s a mold we use.

“Once we select what we need to do, what type of orthotic is the best for your need, and what material you need and choose, we start fabrication.

#4 How Long Does It Take for Bymar Orthotics To Be Made?

When we start fabrication, it takes about three or four weeks to get them back to you.

“Once the orthotics are finished, we will call you and let you know. We set up another appointment for the delivery. And that’s basically what it is. This is a full custom work, custom made orthotic created specifically for your feet and your foot pain problem.

“It’s not something that we just put together or that is pre-made. We call them custom because it is a full custom made orthotic.”

It Takes to 4-5 Weeks to Get Orthotics Made

From the beginning of your first appointment at Bymar Shoes with Byron, until the day that you pick the orthotics up and take them home, what is the approximate amount of time?

“About four weeks from the very first day you make the appointment until the delivery date of your custom made orthotics is about four weeks.

How Long Does a Pair of Custom Orthotics Last?

Byron said it depends on the orthotics as to how long they will last.

“There are many materials that we work on, so it depends on the materials,” Byron said. “We have orthotics made out of carbon fiber, so it’s going to last for five, six, 10 years, or more.

“But we also have plastics. We have the other ones which are the soft kind. Obviously, the plastic and the carbon fiber orthotics are the ones that are more durable.

Replace Top and Bottom Orthotic Covers At Least 1x Annually

The upper covers and the bottom covers of the custom orthotics have to be changed out at least once a year. For the orthotics to be refurbished and for the health and support of your feet and also to keep the comfort of the orthotics. But typically, in orthotics, the average is about three or four years of wear out of one pair – if you are sure to get them refurbished once a year for freshness, to keep the support, and for the health of your feet.

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