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Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Shoe Care

Bymar Shoes in Maitland, Florida, owned by Byron Ruiz, has served Florida clients’ orthotic, shoe repair, red bottom shoe soles protection, and foot pain needs since 2005.

Bymar Shoes Red Bottom Shoes Sole Protection

Anyone who has invested in a pair of Christian Louboutins or other designer shoes and who lives in Florida knows the fear of damaging expensive shoes in the rain.
Even if you don’t wear them outside much, when you buy your Louboutins, it’s imperative that you understand how delicate the red bottom soles are. The infamous red bottom shoes are made of a very high-quality leather which is natural and very, very soft. The thin soles can damage easily.

Christian Louboutin Millenia Recommends Bymar Shoes

Bymar Shoes owner Byron Ruiz was contacted by the manager of Christian Louboutin at the Mall of Millenia in 2018.

“One of my customers that I put a protective sole on a pair of shoes for her went to Christian Louboutin to buy another pair,” Byron Ruiz said.

“They saw what I did on her other Christian Louboutin shoes, and they fell in love with that.

“The manager contacted me and now, for two and a half years we’ve been working with the Christian Louboutin boutique at the Mall of Millenia.

“They refer almost every single customer to Bymar Shoes to do their red protective sole — a special Italian sole made for the shoes.”

Why Protect the Bottom of Louboutins?

Why would someone need to protect the soles of an expensive pair of Christian Louboutin shoes?

“We’re talking about protection here,” Byron said. “You need to protect your red bottoms because they’re made out of good quality leather. And leather is a natural material. It’s not like a man-made material that is indestructible.

“This is why Christian Louboutin at Mall of Millenia recommends that you protect the red bottom soles of the shoes.

“Because of the style of the shoe, the soles are very thin,” Byron said. “And because of that, it wears out really quick. And most of the time you lose the color.

“You know the trademark of the red bottoms is the red sole. So, to prevent that, it’s better to do, and protect this sole with a sole guard. And we have the special red Italian sole guard that was designed especially for the red bottoms that will not lose the color. It keeps the original shape of the shoe. It protects the original sole. We don’t change it.

“We NEVER remove the sole and we don’t take it apart. We put it on the top of the original sole when the red it gone (or before) and it will not discolor. It will remain red. And that will keep your shoes from getting damaged soles. And will prolong the life of those shoes. They are so expensive you have to take special care of them.

When Do You Protect the Red Bottom Sole?

When should somebody get the soles of their Red Bottoms protected? Right away, or after they’ve worn it down so that the red isn’t showing anymore?

Byron said that the best way to protect them is to do this to the bottoms right after you buy them.

“Because then, you keep them intact, the original sole that comes with the shoe,” Byron said. “We can still do them after you wear them, but it’s more work. And because of that, it costs more. But the best way to protect them is right after you buy them for the red bottom.”

Yes, the sole guard red matches the red of the Louboutins, Byron said, and the special, iconic brand name remains…unless you let the shoe sole get permanently damaged.

Bring Red Bottoms and Designer Shoes in for An Estimate

If you’d like to protect the soles of your Christian Louboutins, or ANY other brand of women’s designer shoe, call the shop, or stop in with your shoes during business hours for an estimate.

Protect Your Red Bottom Shoe Soles

Bymar Shoe Repair in Maitland, Florida, provides clients Christian Louboutin Red Bottom shoe care which includes the recommendation to protect the sole to protect the red bottom and other designer shoes.

Byron Ruiz, owner of Bymar Shoes, has provided Florida clients with red bottom and designer shoe repair, protection. Bymar Shoes has handled shoe modification services including orthopedic work, rocker soles, and custom orthotics since 1991.

Protect & Repair Irreplaceable Designer Shoes

Designer shoes are an important part of every wardrobe and Bymar Shoes knows the expense and care that goes into buying designer shoes. The number one goal: protect and repair irreplaceable shoes.

Byron is up-to-date and knowledgeable about hot brands and the latest trends in shoe service. Byron knows precisely how to treat, refurbish or repair your shoes when you bring them in.

Your head-to-toe appearance is important to you which makes it important to Byron. Bymar Shoes will be gentle and careful with every item that you bring in for service.

Save your favorite designer shoes you cannot live without. Bring your designer shoes to Bymar Shoes for complete restoration. Byron can re-attach heels, repair, or simply shine and clean your shoes and boots.

From full or half soles and heels, rubber or leather heel tips or stretching…Byron provides a full range of shoe repair and service needs.

You can relax and feel secure leaving any pair of fine leather designer shoes, boots, handbags, leather carrying cases. Professional shoe repair is Bymar Shoes’ expertise and promise to clients.

Shoe Repair & Customization

  • Add ankle straps to secure shoes
  • Replace elastic or straps
  • Improve fit
  • Tighten, or stretch
  • Add inserts
  • Repair and protect soles
  • Shoe repair and services
  • Resole designer shoes with the finest, approved materials
  • Designer shoe repair from damage, scratching, weather, wear
  • Top-quality leather, parts, soles, heels in all repairs
  • Restore, renew, refresh shoes to near-original condition (cases vary)
  • Save favorite pairs of expensive designer shoes and boots
  • Leather and fabric shoe or purse dying
  • Prevent shoe damage and ruin with regular care, refurbishing, and protection!