Orthotics Specialists since 1991

Custom Shoe Modifications

Bymar Shoes can customize shoes to fit your foot with shoe modifications. We call this Orthopedic Modifications. Byron will create custom shoe modifications, pedorthics, orthopedic customizations and orthotics.

Bymar Shoe works with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, physiatrists, rehabilitation experts, podiatrists, chiropractors, and hospitals in Florida.

A skilled orthotics technician, Byron Ruiz is a uniquely qualified orthopedic technician and fitter with expertise since 1991. No matter what your shoe and footwear needs, call Byron for knowledgeable answers. Byron is a resource you can talk to about custom fittings and footwear.

Custom Shoe Elevations

Custom shoe elevations are provided by an orthopedic foot specialist for a patient with leg length discrepancy, meaning that one of the legs, is shorter than the other.

The physician will measre the amount of lift needed for the patient to be added to a shoe.

Shoe elevations or lifts can be placed inside and outside of the shoes (inside of the shoe, the amount of discrepancy must be now than “X” which depends on the shoe.)

Elevation can be placed on the outside of the shoe when the discrepancy is more than what can be provided will the inside of the shoe.

Bymar Shoes will work together with your surgeon, or if you have a prescription ready, we can provide you with the amount of lift needed to compensate the difference to help you to adjust.