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Rocker Soles are shoes that shift the weight of impact on the foot. The rounded sole shoes are for medical use.

Bymar Shoes can create Rockers that will fit your feet like a comfortable glove and give you the support that you need.

The idea of the Rocker Sole is to off-load pressure placed on certain areas of the foot to lessen shock on bones, joints, muscles and tendons that if hit improperly, can cause pain.

Rocker Soles add special materials to absorb and redistribute impact, reduce impact and sheer force placed on the foot. Rocker Soles control motion and pressure or weight on the foot.

Rocker Soles are not a brand name, but a type of sole that can be placed on almost any shoe.

While not for everyone and worn by many, Rocker Soles can do harm if not properly fitted or worn by those with pre-existing foot, body or back conditions that can be worsened.

Rocker Soles are supposed to be beneficial for fitness because of the extra work that the body does while adjusting to the wearer’s body weight redistribution on the foot.

Flat shoes or non-rounded bottom shoes don’t make the body work to adjust to the shift of gravity.