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Bymar Shoe Repair in Maitland Florida provides clients professional expert shoe repair and modification services with experience that began in 1991.

Shoes are an important part of every wardrobe and Bymar Shoes knows how much time you took selecting them and that many pairs of shoes are irreplaceable. It’s a mark of a well-dressed man or woman to have their shoes shined and in good repair.

This is why Byron is always up-to-date on the latest brands and trends in shoe service to know precisely how to treat, refurbish or repair your shoes when you bring them in.

Your head-to-toe appearance is important to you which makes it important to Byron. Bymar Shoes will be gentle and careful with every item that you bring in for service.

Save those designer shoes you cannot live without. Take a favorite pair from your closet to Bymar Shoes for complete restoration. Byron can re-attach heels, repair, or simply shine and clean your shoes and boots.

From full or half soles and heels, rubber or leather heel tips or stretching…Byron provides your full range of shoe repair and service needs.

You can rest assured and feel secure leaving any pair of fine leather designer shoes, boots, handbags, leather carrying cases or other items. Excellent, experienced, professional shoe repair

Shoe Repair & Customization

  • Adding ankle straps to secure shoes
  • Replacing elastic or straps
  • Improving fit
  • Tightening, stretching
  • Adding inserts
  • Repairing, replacing soles
  • Shoe repair and services
  • We resole designer shoes with only the best materials
  • Designer shoe repair from damage, scratching, weather, wear
  • We use only top quality leather, parts, soles, heels in our repairs
  • Restore, renew, refresh to near-original condition
  • Save favorite pairs of expensive designer shoes and boots
  • Leather and fabric shoe or purse dying