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Shoe Repair & Orthotics

Bymar Shoe Repair & Orthotics in Maitland Florida provides quality designer men’s and women’s shoe repair, new orthotics, orthotics repair, pedorthics, and custom shoe fittings and modifications.

Master cobbler and owner of Bymar Shoes, Byron Ruiz, has more than 25 years of experience in professional orthotics, orthopedics, pedorthics, rocker shoes, designer men’s, women’s and children’s shoe and boot repair, purse repair, and custom canvas marine cover build services. Call and ask about your repair needs.

Bymar Shoes is located at 461 S Orlando Ave, Maitland, FL 32751. Call Byron at 407-431-7288 to ask questions or talk with Byron to help resolve your shoe or footwear issues.

Ship Your Shoes for Repair

If you live out of state or can’t drive, you can ship your shoes for repair to Bymar Shoes. You and Byron will talk about necessary repairs, you can ship your shoes to Bymar Shoes and have the complete repair shipped back to you. Call Byron before shipping your shoe, orthotic or shoe modification project.  

You’re welcome to bring your designer shoes, orthotics, pedorthics, orthopedics and custom shoe modification needs to Bymar Shoes for professional, expert workmanship.

Bymar Shoes is in Maitland on 17-92 when it turns into S. Orlando Avenue. Orlando is just a few exits away on I-4. You can get to Bymar Shoes from I-4 by taking the Lee Road exit and turning onto 17-92/Orlando Avenue and driving to our location. Bymar Shoes is a superior shoe repair store that works for clients with special shoe and footwear needs.

Whether you need to repair designer women’s shoes, designer men’s shoes, new heels and new soles, work on a pinched fit, or repair damage caused by water or wear, Byron will take excellent care of your shoes.

Bymar Shoes repairs men’s shoes, men’s shoe heels, men’s work shoes, men’s work boots that need to be refurbished, work boots that need to be rejuvenated.

If you’re in Orlando, Bymar Shoes is just off of 17-92 between Winter Park and as soon as you hit Maitland. Look for Bymar Shoes on Google Maps on your phone or device.

NEW Louboutin Shoe Soles

Christian Louboutin SoleThere is a new and improved material available for Christian Louboutin shoes. It offers the same beautiful red color but with a more durable and solid sole. No logos.

Yes, of course you love your red bottomed soles but the original leather on Louboutins are ruined in the rain, the heat and dry weather. You can extend the life of the shoe with the Louboutin Sole replacement.

Replace the soles and add years to the life of your beautiful Louboutins. I’ve talked to you many times about the importance of a strong, secure, dry sole to add to the life of your designer women’s shoes.

I also know how much the red bottom shoes mean to your wardrobe. But those original red soles are very weak and delicate leather that is easily ruined in water, damp or dry weather.

This new material is as close a match as I’ve seen and only you will know the difference. Your shoes are an investment: better to replace the red bottom sole than to have to buy a brand new shoe.

Get your heel tips replaced and bring your Louboutins in for a facelift. You’ll be pleased with the results. Any questions? Give me a call.

Custom Shoe Modifications

Bymar Shoes works hard to repair shoes and boots.

Bymar Shoes can customize shoes to fit your foot with shoe modifications and Bymar Shoes will works with clients from all 50 states and other countries. Byron will create custom shoe modifications, pedorthics, orthopedic customizations and orthotics.

Bymar Shoe works with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, physiatrists, rehabilitation experts, podiatrists, and the most qualified hospitals in Florida and New York.

A skilled shoe, orthotics and craftsman, Byron Ruiz is a uniquely qualified orthopedic technician and fitter with more than 25 years of expertise. No matter what your shoe and footwear needs, call Byron for knowledgeable answers and a shoe and footwear resource you can talk to about custom fittings.

Protect & Repair Shoes & Orthotics

Bring in orthopedic shoes to be repaired at Bymar Shoes in Maitland Florida. You can create Rockers that will fit your feet like a comfortable glove.

Instead of spending hundreds on a new pair of orthotics, bring them to Bymar Shoes to be refreshed and get them repaired which can save you money. You can also have insoles and supports rebuilt or repaired at Bymar Shoes to extend your investment on your expensive orthotics.

In addition to Orlando Florida and surrounding Central Florida shoe repair, Byron will make almost any changes, alterations or adjustments, to designer purses and handbags, Byron Ruiz will take care of them and if you have any questions please call the shop at 407-431-7288.

Bymar Shoes. Where Quality Still Matters.

Replace Red Bottom Shoe Soles

Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes

Red-bottom Christian Louboutin women’s shoes are KNOWN for the red bottoms.

But did you know that those red bottomed soles will wear out? They can be ruined by one good step into a puddle, rain, salt-covered pile of snow or mud. Forever.

The leather can dry rot, warp, split, wear out by water damage and after only one step out into the rain or snow.

Everyone knows what salt and snow will do to high heels and to leather shoes. Did you know that water or snow-weakened, paper thin soles can cause permanent damage to the structure of the interior of the shoe?

Replace Louboutin Red Bottom Soles

Replace your red bottom shoe sole.

When you bought the Louboutins you wanted to show off those red soles. You paid hundreds or even several thousand dollars for those shoes.

Seems crazy that you pay all that money but the shoes are so delicate that you can only wear them when you know it will be dry. AND that the rain and salt can and will ruin the leather on the beautiful red bottoms.

Believe it or not, stuffing them in a box “for safe keeping” is not the best way to protect the Christian Louboutin shoes.

Wear and tear and dry air without proper maintenance and protection can be a disaster.

Shoe leather can dry out if in the wrong type of storage container. Shoe leather needs moisture, protection from dry rot and from water before and after weather.

Work with a Master Cobbler

No matter how delicately you handle your designer shoes you can’t treat them the way the ought to be treated regularly by taking them to a high quality master cobbler. Dropping off your shoes with someone is difficult so be sure that you’re leaving your Louboutins with a highly skilled, very experienced Master Cobbler who has had formal training, certification and can repair your shoes in THEIR shop without having to send them out to an expert or another shop.

If your shoes are delicate because they were made with paper thin soles you can strengthen them, extend the life of your shoes with a protective sole piece in the SAME red color but with a tough, safe, slip proof and durable sole.

Replace your Louboutin red bottom soles

Bymar Shoe Repair in Maitland FL can resole the shoes without damaging them and instead strengthen them to extend the life of the shoes.

Bring your Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Gucci, Manolo Blahnik, Tom Ford, Prada, Coach, and every other expensive designer brand name shoe into Bymar Shoes.

I, Byron Ruiz, will show you examples of the work which I’m sure you’ll be impressed with.

Many clients have had this done and it’s a seamless procedure which helps the shoes to last longer. No, you will NOT have the Christian Louboutin stamp: they do NOT make soles to last. They make them for show. BUT if you don’t change them out your shoes will fall apart and become damaged irreparably.

Sure, you may make it a year, maybe a little more. But that leather needs treatment and care and more than you wiping them off with a cloth. Bring them in and we’ll take a look.

Unfortunately because of many of the styles in expensive shoes the leather soles are  paper thin and wears off really, really quick. But don’t worry! It’s a simple and inexpensive solution for the problem.

You know the fear that you have of stepping in water or on a rocky surface or on cement because of what it will do to the leather on the super thin soles on the shoe.

A new, reinforced, elegant and seamless shoe sole will prolong the life of your shoes. It’s called a protective sole piece, a very thin piece of rubber sole that protects the original soles of the shoes.

It’s simple and if it is done correctly you will keep those expensive shoes like new.

Come in to Bymar Shoes in Maitland and bring your favorites shoes. We can protect them or if they already have some issues with that orignal thin sole, we can still bring them back to original shape.

You’ll never notice the change because the piece is thin and is sealed carefully, with the utmost care. I know how much your shoes mean to you and that you’ve paid hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on your favorite designers.

Shoe Client Comes From Far Away

Manuel Acosta & Byron Ruiz

We had a shoe modification client come to Bymar Shoe Repair in Maitland, Florida, who traveled all the way from another country.

Manuel Acosta came from San Juan, Puerto Rico to have three pairs of shoes modified at Bymar Shoe Repair. He found us online and we helped him out.

When he left Manuel said that he was happy he chose to do business with me.

Manuel found BymarShoes.com online and he said he liked my website and decided to come here to get his shoes customized.

Bymar Shoes customizes shoes

“Great,” I said. “Where are you from?”

“San Juan, Puerto Rico,” Manuel said. He chose to trust Bymar Shoes for the work. I was truly amazed but more than that I was honored. Very honored.

What I was happy about was that he trusted me to do the work. I was and I am honored every day that new or old customers come into our shop.

I thank them for choosing to do business with me. It’s important that all of my customers know that I truly appreciate their business and I know that they’re putting faith in my work to do for them what needs to be done.

That’s every day and for every client. I will go above and beyond what is asked so that the quality promise comes through. My motto is: Where Quality Still Matters because your shoes need to be fit properly for you to feel good and for you to have the comfort and ability to do whatever it is that needs to be done.

Custom Shoe Elevations

Shoe elevations are provided to improve function by enabling walking and/or increased walking efficiency/endurance by ensuring correct bio-mechanics through the application of appropriate materials and placement. Bring your shoes into Maitland Florida Bymar Shoe Repair, we’ll get them taken care of.

Protecting Your Louboutins

If you own one or many pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, protect your investment. Most of these shoes have very thin soles that wear out very quickly. We can add a very thin rubber sole that matches exactly the color of the original soles with the benefit that the original soles will be preserved for years to come.

The shoes will not lose the beauty of the red bottom soles, and in Bymar Shoes when you do this type of work the weather treatment and cleaning are included.

Bymar Shoes in Maitland, Florida, is a select Central Florida provider of shoe repair and care services for residents in Winter Park, Maitland, Oviedo, Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Lake Mary, Sanford, and Central Florida.

Master cobbler Byron Ruiz has more than 18 years experience in shoe repair, orthotics, pedorthics and orthopedics business as a practitioner and technician. He has worked with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, physiatrists, podiatrists, as well as with the most qualified hospitals in New York.

Bymar Shoes. Where Quality Still Matters.

Refurbish Your Custom Foot Orthotics

Do you know that your Custom Foot orthotics can be Refurbished? Well they can, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

Bring your custom orthotics for a free evaluation we will let you know if they are worth refurbishing them or if it is time to see your doctor to be evaluated for a new pair.

Mostly of the time the top and bottom layers wear out. We can replace them with the same or better materials for your specific needs.

We Do Allen Edmonds Re-soling

We can make your Allen Edmonds shoes look like new.  We do full or half soles with the highest quality leather and craftsmanship. Included in the package is the cleaning and leather treatment of your shoes.

You don’t need to wait  two or three weeks to get your shoes back from the manufacturer we can have them ready the next day for you.

Bymar Shoes in Maitland, Florida, is a select Central Florida provider of shoe repair and care services for residents in Winter Park, Maitland, Oviedo, Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Lake Mary, Sanford, and Central Florida.

Master cobbler Byron Ruiz has more than 18 years experience in shoe repair, orthotics, pedorthics and orthopedics business as a practitioner and technician. He has worked with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, physiatrists, podiatrists, as well as with the most qualified hospitals in New York.

Why Do I Have Morning Heel Pain?

Plantar Fascia

Pain under the heel at the first step in the morning is the most characteristic symptom associated with plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is the tearing, inflammation and degeneration of the plantar fascia, an important connective tissue structure in the bottom of the foot. The plantar fascia is similar in structure to a ligament and is composed of collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), fibroblasts and water. Ligament Structure

Type I collagen adds to the fascia’s considerable strength and the elastin increases elasticity, as the name implies. Glycosaminoglycans are long chains of repeating sugar units which attract water and function to resist pressure.

These structural components allow the fascia to elongate and deform as necessary during standing and walking. The plantar fascia is a fairly stiff structure and designed to resist elongation.

Collagen will stretch and deform, but the amount of stretching is dependent on time and load. When a specific load is applied to an object, the object will deform. The amount of deformation is dependent on the object’s structure and composition.

Slowly applying a load over a period of time will result in more deformation than quick load application. When the plantar fascia is placed under a significant load (eg: full body weight placed on the foot when stepping down), a large amount of force is placed on the fascia in a very short period of time.

The amount of elongation, or deformation, is minimal. When a smaller load is placed on the foot over a longer period of time (eg: during a stretch), the structural components of the fascia have time to respond and the fascia can elongate to a greater degree. The diagram below helps to illustrate the mechanics of collagen fibers elongating when a load is applied.

Collagen Coil

Ligaments will shorten, contract or tighten when immobilized. This also occurs when ligaments are injured. Connective tissue structures tend to contract with stress deprivation. This means that an injured plantar fascia is prone to shortening at rest.
This is commonly seen during the night and even at rest for periods greater than an hour. Upon waking or rising and stepping down, the shortened plantar fascia is subject to a considerable load. The fascia is suddenly stretched and only partially elongates.

Plantar Fascia Traction on the HeelDue to the quickly applied load, the fascia acts like a cable, tightening under the arch and pulling on the heel bone (calcaneus). This traction force on the calcaneus stimulates a reaction in the outer layer of bone, called the periosteum.

The outer layer of bone is innervated with pain fibers which initiate an immediate, sharp pain response. As walking continues, the repeated load applied to the plantar fascia allows it to slowly elongate and the pain eventually dissipates.

This creates the common complaint of heel pain at the first step in the morning, or stepping down after long periods of rest, which tends to “work itself out.” The continued pull, over time, from the plantar fascia on the heel bone may cause a heel spur to develop. Although the traction on the heel bone contributes to morning pain, the actual spur is not the cause of pain.

Night splints and stretching exercises are commonly prescribed for treatment of plantar fasciitis. Applying a small load over a long period of time will cause a gradually deformation of the tissue, essentially elongating the plantar fascia. Fascial structures, ligaments and tendons do not undergo as much deformation as muscles.

Muscles can be elongated to a greater degree and will remain elongated when a stretch is performed regularly. Night splints also stretch the calf muscles and help improve plantar fasciitis. Tight calf muscles cause the heel to lift early when walking. When the heel lifts early, more stress over a longer period of time is placed on the plantar fascia. Morning calf stretches and use of a night splint will decrease morning heel pain and accelerate the healing of plantar fasciitis.

If you would like to bring a prescribed orthopedic prescription to Bymar Shoes Orthotics and Orthopedics Maitland, Florida, please do so. We look forward to helping your feet feel better.

Bymar Shoes. Where Quality Still Matters.

Sport Orthotics

People who are really into sports can benefit from having the extra support inside their sneakers, it will help you to not put a lot stress in to your feet.



What’s a UCBL Orthotic?

A UCBL Orthotics is used for people with severe cases of pronation or supination (flat feet or high arches)  its a rigid device wich helps to maintain proper alignment of your feet.